Scholarships For Unusual Talent

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College and student scholarships are not only available for those who have academic excellence. Financial support is available in numerous fields of study. If you are aspiring to win such awards, you should also be well informed of scholarships that are provided for unusual talent. Given below are some creative talents and activities that can help you win free college for money.

If you think you have got great talent in the sport of skateboarding, you are ready to apply for these scholarship awards. Aspiring candidates can choose to apply for the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship that provides $5,000 to the winner along with $1000 each to three other winners for attending a full time course program in a college of their choice.

Another unusual talent that may help you win some free money for college is your interest in puppetry. One good source of these talents is the Connecticut Guild of Puppetry. So, if you have a keen interest and are involved in puppetry, you can be eligible to win Margo Rose scholarships.

You may be a talented chess player. But hardly do people know that there scholarship awards available even for excellent chess players. Numerous colleges and universities including University of Maryland, University of Texas at Dallas and the Texas Tech University offer college education funding for chess players. Chess scholarships have become more competitive.

Candidates who have an interest in the art of knitting can also win financial aid money for supporting college education expenses. One of the most popular sponsors of such scholarships is the American Sheep Industry Association. The Bernard Steur Scholarship at the Philadelphia University is also a good option to use the talent of knitting and win free scholarship money.

No matter whether you are a bareback rider or a barrel racer, you can win scholarship awards on the grounds of your rodeo skills. Financial support for such talents is provided both by colleges and private sponsors. Colorado State University rodeo scholarships and San Angelo Rodeo Scholarships are good sources of such scholarship awards.

Though most of the United States universities do not have rugby as an official sport, your rugby talent can definitely help you win some free money. Universities like the New Mexico University, Saint Bonaventure University and Texas A & M University offer scholarships to candidates who have unusual rugby playing talent.

Do Some Research on Your Own
When you are looking for scholarship money for unusual talents, options can be many more than you can think of. Just try to find out what unusual hobby, interest or talent you possess and then conduct some research. Look for organizations that provide free money for these interest and hobbies and apply for them. Use online, department and print material resources to look for unusual scholarships and you can definitely win free money to support your college education expenses.


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